July 12, 2015

Tempting Theo - 11



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  2. Anonymous Commenter12 Jul 2015, 14:44:00

    Not @ all Tempting. Face is too average & my D**k is better than his

    1. Pls dont disrespect someone like this, if you dont like or if you want to criticize it need not be rude.
      If you have better face and dick, dare u to click pics and post in blog.

    2. Anonymous Commenter13 Jul 2015, 09:46:00

      I was neither rude, nor disrespectful. I gave my opinion & I stick to it.
      His face is average, so I don't find tempting.

    3. Yes. as you wrote it you wont find it rude. But other who reads its may find it rude.

  3. Good enough for me. In fact, more than. So love to suck on that pink nobhead till his hot Desi juice spurts down my throat.

  4. awesome.. we need more pics like these

  5. Wow I will never get bored of this guy, everytime his pics makes me crazy. I like all his 10 posts