July 16, 2016

Ehsaas : Gay Hindi Short-film

Ehsaas - Give me sometime : Is the boldest Gay themed Hindi short film ever, Story about gay couple and their desires, love and lust.

Synopsis - Ved (Ranjeet) is a gay guy who gets a new handsome straight roomate Rachit (Pratap), can Ved control his lust which might spoil his friendship with his roommate? also a dark past in Ved's life has something to do with his likes and desires?? watch movie to find more..

Present by - JRS dreams 
Cast - Pratap & Ranjeet
Editing, Cinematography - Adeetya M. Jhainsi
Story, Screenplay & Dialogue - Adeetya M. Jhainsi
Direction by Adeetya M. Jhainsi

YouTube: Full Movie


  1. woow.. movie got released at last..

  2. umar, u r sooooooooooo great. excellent movie. i never expect this type of presentation with indian actors. they r awesome and their bodies tempting hot. thanks once again u give us this oppurtunity to see such a sexy movie. please make movies with this type of guys.

  3. I have been waiting for a long time to watch this movie. Story line of the movie is not that good but hats off to the boldness of the movie. Really appriciatable effort. Hope more will come in future..

  4. Very nice movie

  5. Awesome movie....very sexy butts.should have shown their cocks too.really very sexy hunks.great bodies