July 02, 2015

Movie of the Month - July

 When the Circus Came to Town

  • Plot Outline
    A small town guy named Daniel fall in love with Ashish from the circus. Two days before the circus was scheduled to leave the town, Ashish proposes Daniel, asks him to join and travel with him. It was everything Daniel had ever dreamed of; yet, all of his fears and insecurities come rushing to the surface. What will be Daniel's decision? Will he be successful to take a fairy tale decision in this practical life? Finally, life is also a circus jumbling in between reality and dreams.
  • Starring                                   Nakshatra Bagwe & Saransh Roy
  • Directed By
    Nakshatra Bagwe
  • Written By
    Nakshatra Bagwe
  • Produced By
    Piyush Priyadarshi Sikarwar
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  1. Please check out an insta profile called akshay bhonsle.. Are these two the same guy or just look alikes..

    1. Both are same.. ppl will have screen names different from real