July 16, 2014

Garrie Pattie - Exclusive Interview

We caught up with Indian gay pornstar Garrie Pattie, to find out more about his career, sexuality and his future plans.

Please introduce yourself. Where are you from? Where do you live? What’s your day job?
  I am Garrie pattie from Singapore, but staying in India from years. i don't have a proper location because of my work type.I work as a porn star and a nude model.

How did you get into porn and What was it like doing your first porn shoot??
   Just a day went for a pron show with friends and was impressed by it and then got interest towards it. First porn shoot was cool as i had friends accompanying and supporting me during the shoot.

How's it being a porn star in India? do you have any friends in porn industry?
   In India people still don't accept, but as days goes even that will be solved. The problem is that, very gay guys pretend to be straight in India and put other gays in problem. I have lots of friends in this industry who face similar situation. 

You have amazing body, Do you want to share your fitness routine with your fans?
  Thanks, Dance is my hobby so that's helps me.

Do your friends and relatives know you do porn? How did they react when you told them or found out?
  My friends are ok because they see me as human and they are genuine. My family knows and they trust me.

What’s your favorite part of your body?
  My bum. (ass)

Tell us a thing people would be surprised to know about you.
  More than guys I love making out with girls.

Who is your favourite porn stars?
   Bell Gris.

How's it different fucking on camera compared to the comfort of your own bedroom?
   Erection goes off in front of camera easily.

What can we expect from you in the future? Do you have any upcoming projects?
   There are some projects which i need to choose and decide.

What would you like to say to your fans?
    Fans, I love you all. Keep loving me and supporting me. One kind request, please do see me (any porn star) as a human first and then the way you want.  


  1. I don't know how you managed to get this interview. But, if it is genuine - THANKS. I love this man. Not just because he is great looking, but he has been doing what should not be such a big taboo in our society. I would really like to meet him some day. Though that is just wishful thinking. I absolutely love how awesome he is about his body. In fact, I think I respect him a lot.

  2. Where are his porn videos?

  3. This interview left me wanting more. So much more could have been asked. Hey DGD admins, the next time you conduct an interview with him, please ask him to get to a forum where his fans can interact with him, like Twitter. We want to be able to feel closer to him

  4. The next time you interview him, please ask some of my questions:
    1) when will you join Twitter or any other social networking forum, as fans like me want to feel connected to you?
    2) if you like making out with girls, more, why didn't you contemplate getting into the straight porn industry?
    3) what was it specifically about 'gay' porn, that made you want to make a name for yourself in this specific industry?
    4) which is his favorite gay porn studio?
    5) does he think india could establish its own gay porn studio in the future, considering we have really good looking indian men out there who are interested in porn
    6) would he ever have a fuck session with a fan?
    7) would he feel comfortable to work as an escort?
    8) what is his ultimate gay fantasy?
    And i have so many more questions for him. He is so cute, I really want to see more videos of him as their aren't many videos of him out there. He reminds me of South superstar Dhanush
    Last question: He had posted a lot of his videos on bloglovin but they all seem to have been removed. Why doesn't he upload them on another network so fans like me can rejoice! Love you Garrie

  5. Thanks, Will try to interview him again if possible, We did shoot him with many questions, but he was not comfortable to answer, we could not push him. Anyway more of his videos are coming soon in this blog.. Count on

    1. This is the most exciting news we have heard from you. You have no idea how excited we are. Can you please give us a hint as to when we can expect it?

  6. Wow, Indian pornstar ? Not seen any Indian gay porn

  7. I m his fan too, seen his photos in this blog. they are fucking hot

  8. Hey guys .. hes taken .. m i lucky or wat!? ;) :D

  9. Hii I m Raj from Bangalore I want to become a gay porn star ,how can I become plzzz tll me n my contact number is 8867135469

    1. Hi Raj,

      Email your latest pics to dgdblogger@gmail.com

  10. Hi i really like this guy can you tell me his fb id or Instagram to see him.at least

    1. Search Garrie in this blog, you will get many of his pics and videos.

  11. where is garrie now. Y no pic or video from him?