December 09, 2015

Movie of the Month - December

Achena Bondhutto (Unknown Friendship)

For the first time in a Bengali film, members of the LGBT community in West Bengal and Bangladesh have been cast in lead roles. The film talks about how to treat everybody as human irrespective of the gender. Director Hrishikesh Mondal , a former investigative TV Journalist said, ‘’he drew inspiration from Rituparno Ghosh and his encounter with such people during his journalistic stint has made him turn the focus on them and cast them in movie roles.’’

Plot: Niladri is a struggling film director who is looking for a good subject to make his next film as he doesn't want to make commercial films while his wife works for a N.G.O. The N.G.O supports the rights of the LGBT community and wants it to take the shape of a movement for which steps are being taken. Niladri gets close to Emon,a young vocalist from a band whose life gets in to a mess because of his relationship with Niladri which everyone misunderstands. Even Niladri is confused about this and thus Priyanka leaves him and goes away. Niladri meanwhile starts directing a film on the LGBT community which features actors from the community. Emon’s life also changes after he distances himself from Niladri. The Bengali band culture also has a major role to play in all this as well.

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