November 18, 2015

Nude Model - Saurabh

More exclusive pics of model Saurabh who was selected in the "DGD Model Hunt" 

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  1. you keep the best pic for yourself and post the cropped pic here.,, mr.umar ali khan.... too bad tht you cropped his cock part

    1. No dude, we did not crop or edit these pics, have posted as received.

  2. When will we get to see his dick & ass? I think the main criteria of selecting DGD model should be "Be comfortable with your body & show it".
    These pics were published before as well, so its disappointing to see repeat withour a trace of dick

  3. ooooooooooooooooooh.. Saurabh is competing for Akshay's position.. hope we get to see both of them in same pic ;)

  4. Akshay is best, no one can beat him, he is super nude model ... wish to b like him.. bold n beautiful, wish to seem him in couple photography, gay theme shoots

  5. Hey Umar can I get the details wr I can contact this model Saurabh...Atleast tell his full name