November 19, 2015

Muscle Hunk - Nude

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  1. Thanks, Umar! FINALLY .... we get to see his willy. Like what I see, for sure. Clean n cut with those soft, smooth pubes like a school boy. Been such a tease for so long in langots, shower and tight jean shots. At last he was convinced to flash his crown jewels.

  2. Superb pic's...what a man,what a,hats off to you DGD...

  3. The Great Indian Black King

  4. hi umar, can I see his ful nude video?

  5. HE IS AWWWWWSEOMEEEE.. Yes Umar, ek full length video to banta he.. This man makes me hard and cum in a count of 1 - 10, and that rouged looks n phusique!! simply great
    Guys you can see more of this guy on the 'jungle g string' site.. there's another hotty worth watching there ;)

  6. And more and more and more pics pleeeeeeeeeeease.... even if he is not an icon of the month, We'd love to see more of him on regular basis

  7. Wow man,,,Thanks a lot.
    A dream came true.
    He was a great handsome model and was following him eagerly in his all previous pictures and videos.
    Finally you gave us a full clean nude photo of him.I think now we can die in peace,,he he
    thanks again....
    Looking forward for more of him and other handsome desi models