October 21, 2016

Be Safe Be Sexy

The MSM community(Men who have sex with Men) in India is the second most HIV prevalence group as most of the people either don't practice safe sex or don't have the access to regular HIV testing because of various reasons. 

This campaign #BeSafeBeSexy is all about to fight against the stigma/discrimination attached to HIV and embracing thyself because we believe, regardless of any gender/sexuality/caste or breed, each and every person is beautiful and sexy in their own way. As we know that prevention is better than cure, the safe and best practice to get prevented from HIV is use of CONDOM. Uses of condom not only prevents from HIV, but also from other Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI). Let’s spread the message of practicing safe sex. Support us to fight against HIV and making this world HIV free.

Disclaimer - The people in the photographs are not necessarily from the LGBT community or living with HIV in real life.

Photo Courtesy : Impulse New Delhi


  1. This information is outdated. The safest way to avoid getting HIV is to take PREP. Taking one pill a day can prevent HIV infection.