February 02, 2016

Movie of the Month - Tum Bin Mar Jaayenge

Tum Bin Mar Jaayenge - A Indian Gay Love Story

Parth, a 17 year old boy lands up in a juvenile home after an underage driving accident. Parth is completely out of place in the juvenile home, considering his cushioned and comfortable life so far. The only connect that he has with the other boys at the juvenile home is that he too carried a deep emotional trauma though he mostly managed to hide it well from the others. Parth is made the target of all jokes at the home but manages to find a friend in Suraj. This gives him a second lease of life making him a stronger individual. 

A must watch emotional gay love story!

You Tube: Full Movie


  1. what are the name of the guys in the film??

  2. Ashwini koul