January 02, 2016

Favorite DGD Model of 2015 - Winners

Hi DGD Fans,

One week ago, I asked you guys to vote for your Favorite DGD Model of 2015. First let me thank each and every voters and fans of the DGD models, it was tremendous response from you guys, we totally received 2488 votes and also I take this opportunity to congratulate the Winners.

 And the Winners are....

8. Theo - 256 Votes 

7. Garrie - 316 Votes

6. Avik- 336 Votes

5. Nakshatra- 358 Votes

4. Saurabh- 682 Votes

3. London Boy- 707 Votes

2. Akshay- 732 Votes

1. Mahesh - 792 Votes

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Favorite DGD Model of 2015


  1. Yupeeee Mashesh is The Favorite DGD Model of 2015. The Black King.
    he should wo, because he is the best among all

  2. Yeah !!! I'm verry happy that My mahesh is the ultimate winner, finely my prays and votes worth, lots of love to you my dear mahesh. Now admin post the winners sexy photographs and videos to celebrate victory :* ;) eagerly waiting for your response.

    Thank you !!!

  3. Wow wow Mr. Manly Handsome Mahesh won....Congrats , Kudos to Mahesh... you are the King of Manhood.. Thanks Umar for your fantastic job....Happy New year by Kochi Mad Fan

  4. Fair Show sir!! great... simply great! congrats Mahesh :*

  5. For me, Akshay is the real winner ;)

  6. Hi ! I want to be nedu model ! Plz help me !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. email your details and pics to dgdblogger@gmail.com

  7. Londonboy and theo. Finally got do see Londonboys cock at least in a semi. Love it. They are all sexy