October 02, 2015

Movie of the Month - October

3 on a bed                                                              

The Plot :

‘3 on a Bed’ brings in 3 people ( a woman and two men) sharing a bed to celebrate friendship that gives rise to the most democratic and secular form of being where the ONE true love can be shared in the most selfless way through the union of minds and bodies together in our very real, mundane and pragmatic world.

The story focuses on three friends Kapil, Padmini and Devdutt, who fall in love with each other and instead of fighting over possession and hierarchy, try to share the love equally among themselves driven by a simple idea that “All love shared is good” and if loving one automatically means excluding everyone else then that desire for selfish possessiveness should be termed anything else but love.

Thus the Bed - the seat of this discovery not only becomes the haven to break free of all bonds and give in to unfettered love but also to discuss and set up the discourse of a new world.

But how long can you go on living in a dream? Does the polyamoric lifestyle of the three and their feelings of compersion towards each other enable them to overcome the feelings of jealousy and the need to conform to social standards or do these eternal vices tear through their perfect union.

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  1. Very hot movie with good story

  2. Nver seen before movie.....bst bst!!!!
    D two guyz r awsm!!!

  3. It's poetic, touching and it defined a new path....Loved the depth of it....

    - Chandu