September 06, 2015

DGD Blog Is Back

Hi Guys,

Your favorite blog Desi Gay Desires is back after it was down for few weeks. We have reinstalled the blog with same domain and all the activities going to be usual. Blog got deleted due to some technical error of Google Service. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.  

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  1. Where can I found gay sex videos of Garrie Pattie.He claimed that he is a pornstar in his interview,taken by this site.
    But I can't find any videos of him where he is Top or Bottom.
    Is he yet to join porn or has worked already? If he has already worked,why can't I find any of his duo videos in the internet?

    1. Dear anonymous, i discovered Garrie Pattie near about 3 years back, that very night his charm forced me to jerk myself off. And then i kept on searching him time and again, resulting, i found 4 of his solo videos, on a blogsopt, which is no longer available. Our loving blogspot desi gay desire, have already posted an interview of Garrie, and he is claiming, he is a pornstar . Unfortunately there is no evidence which can validate his claiming of being a pornstar, nor he is associated with any porn house. But if he does or will do any porn our sexy administrators , surely will share with us........... have fun, stay hot
      ......your anonymous

  2. Thanx man coming back, bez i daily use to come to see this blog, i am not a gay , but i like nude indian gay men and i like to see hot and sexy indian men with full nude.
    i want to meet u admin of this blog, so that i can also help u in making this blog 1st rank from another blog.
    thanx thanx once again plz do not go again.