February 14, 2015

Dosti Wala Love

Friendship + Love = Dosti Wala Love

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day to all...

  2. Hii friends.. i am #SunnyRockzz..
    i am going to share my one of the best moment which i had in my b.tech 2year of mechanical engineering...
    i love silk...becoz...i had a great romantic time with my friend(smart guy of 6’3feet,21years)...it was exactly last year2014 may 23 rd...my friend loves heart emoticon me a lot and he always interested to have something different and romantic..thing with me..so, he brought a big dairy-milk silk.. and he opened the chocolate raper.. and bite a piece of silky and came near my lips..and he tightly locked me in his arms and had a romantic lip lock up to 40-45 minutes..( actually he want to do lip lock up-to an hour because he want to do it so.. he watched heart-attack kiss seen..)
    later a while...he expecting more from me..i got a romantic idea in my mind..which really made him
    speech less for a while...i went near him.. and he bite my lips and had a great hug..at that time we both getting sweat..we are only able to listen our breathing noise and heart beat of us..i slowly pushed him away.. and taken silk into my hand..he was completely in romantic mood.. so he came close to me.. i said him to his close eyes.. he followed my words..and i made him to push him towards wall.. he was not understand what i am going to do.. he asking me..”let i open my eyes..”
    i said no.. wait for some time...i made him to get wall support.. later i let to open his jeans button and opened his zipper..and pulled his jeans down.. he looking like a Greek hunk (he is 6’3feet muscler and hot guy..)he is in his jockey inner wear..i stood down on knees.. i touched his shaft which stood 90 degrees.. he did a romantic sound”haa..huuu..huu..hummm..”then i taken some melted silk in my hand and started
    to apply it on his 9ínch tower... again he made sound”humm..”he said that.. he really understand ed
    now how silky is with in silk chocolate.. i started to let my red lips on his charming tool.. and licking the silk with my tongue..i sucked his tool and balls around 40 minutes...he given a romantic sound.. by playing with my hair and holding my arms with his arms..as i doing this we both feeling wonderful..which is not possible to explain in words..i hope u people can understand what i am saying...at last he got his ejection of sperm...and at last he came close and hugged me tightly with arms and kisses me a lot of time over my cheeks ,lips and forehead.. and said darling I love You..
    on next day morning while we met at our college.. he came near me.. and said a thing in my ear.. with a romantic look in face and eyes.. “darling i love you...for ever...and you really made me speech
    less on last night...you made me to look Heaven ..even doing a hell thing...”
    i just smiled and went to my Production technology lab...
    i feel crazy and lovely when he come to me and always use to say i love u...he use use to say always same thing lots of time but.. each and every time while i listen his words.. i really float.. in air...
    thank you for reading/listening... my real experience ..
    Yours _ #sunnyRockzz