December 24, 2014

Top Favorite Desi Icon of 2014

Time flies. It’s December already. For all the readers, thank you so much for keeping company this year. You and me both love desi men. So now I want to know, Who are your Top Favorite Desi Icon of 2014

Who are your favorite Desi Icon of 2014? Let me know in the Poll (Right Slide bar)  or comment


  1. Hey Umar, the nude guy in background, the butt guy , any link for this pic? Please!

  2. Hey my love umar.. dude wn r u gonna post our love making pix.. plz call me at ur place honey.. lets get cozy in dis chilly winter.. m sure u r v hawt :*


  3. avinash smoking hot

  4. first Avinash, second Faisal & third Shazad i like

  5. I would say it James who has the Guy nest Door Looks.... The Perfect Desi Guy...