June 03, 2014

Movie of the Month - June

Wedding Wars (2006)

A gay wedding planner backs out of a promise to organize his brother's nuptials after discovering that his sibling's future father in law is a politician who opposes gay marriage and that the future groom himself supports the conservative fundamentalist agenda. Shel is a gay party planner. Ben is a campaign manager for a right-wing governor and the soon to be husband of said politico's beautiful daughter. Though Shel and Ben are brothers, their disparate personal and political beliefs have caused them to clash on more than a  couple of occasions. when Shel discovers that the governor is preparing a searing speech against gay marriage, his decision to go on strike for equal rights send his brother's big day into an unexpected tailspin. Incredibly, Shel's protest gains nationwide support and Ben is forced to hire a tacky, run of the mill wedding planner who doesn't appear prepared to organize such a big event in such a short amoutn of time

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