April 03, 2014

Movie of the Month - April

Bangkok Love Story (2007)

Directed byPoj Arnon
Written byPoj Arnon
StarringRattaballung Tohssawat
Chaiwat Thongsaeng
Release datesSeptember 13, 2007
LanguageThai (English Subtitle)

Mehk aka Cloud, a Bangkok hitman with a-liking for taking out life's rotten eggs, is hired to kill Itt aka Stone; a good looking and as it turns out a good guy all round, who happens to know something that others would prefer him not to. Refusing to carry out an unjust hit, a shoot-out between Cloud, Stone and the local Mafia ensues, one that results with an injured Cloud fleeing to the safety of his rooftop hideout, accompanied by Stone who takes an unexpected interest in nursing him back to health. Finding themselves alone together for days on end, a sexual tension develops between the two, one destined to explode in a passionate encounter in which homosexual emotions play havoc with the hitherto heterosexual mindset of a loner, now forced to come to terms with his love for another man. 

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