December 16, 2013

Gay For a Day Movement

The Supreme Court of India on Wednesday ruled against decriminalising gay sex - something that left the LGBT community disappointed. While the Court may have gone by the law, on Twitter and other social networking sites, the court's order sparked a revolution of sorts.

While the reactions to the Supreme Court's order were restricted to 140 characters by the twitterati, on Facebook, the Court's order ignited a movement: the Gay For a Day movement.

On the Facebook page created for this purpose, the administrator, Tanmay Sahay, wrote, "All you have to do is change your profile picture to one in which you are kissing someone from your gender in protest of the Supreme Court of India's ruling that criminalizes homosexuality. And at this very difficult time, we must support of our friends and family and fellow citizens for their right to express their sexuality."

He also change his profile pic, see below

And responses for this movements:

You guys too can join this movement and change ur FB profile pic and share to this blog ( ) by #gayforaday kissing someone of your same gender 

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