November 02, 2013

Movie of the Month - November

Ciao (2008)

With the slogan "If you could go back.. what would you say to the one you loved", Ciao (meaning both hello & goodbye in Italian) tells the story of two men who form an unlikely bond when a mutual friend dies unexpectedly in a car crash in Dallas.
Mark's best friend Jeff is left with the task of going through Mark's stuff & informing relatives & friends of his death. While going through Mark's e-mails to let people know about his passing, Jeff discovers that Mark had been corresponding with an Italian named Andrea, who has already planned to fly to Dallas & to visit Mark for the first time without knowing he has actually died.

Jeff invites Andrea to come to Dallas anyway and stay with him for two days at his place. Ciao portrays these two days where the two bereaved friends one from Dallas and the other from Italy meet and talk mostly about Mark and the impact he had on both of them in a close, personal and frank manner. Through these intimate conversations, the two men form a rapport that grows, and they are soon drawn together both by their connection with the deceased Mark, and by a growing intimacy with each other. Andrea has to leave at the end of his 2-day stay, but invites Jeff to come to Italy for a visit at some later date. 

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