July 28, 2015

Desi Jatt Nude 5 - Exclusive


  1. Anonymous Commenter30 Jul 2015, 12:57:00

    @Umair I am glad that you realized your mistake & removed the escort post.
    As for your current tagline, you are trying too hard to prove a point. Let we the visitors decide if too much nudity is a turn off. There is nothing wrong with being naked since we are born naked & being nude is sexy.
    Don't forget that India is a democratic country & we all have the rights to give our opinion.

    1. I did not remove coz of mistake or realization. I removed as requested by the model in pic. He complained he was getting many unwanted call, he wanted us to take down the pics , otherwise it would be still on the blog.

  2. There is a guy around who is hell-bent on seeing nudity.. He thinks that with his long passages is decent English, he would to able to force Admin to post nudes of guys of his liking..

    Dear Anonymous commentator dude,
    Get a life.. Please.. And stop preaching Umar.. He is doing a great job here.. Making hot pics available yet respecting wishes of folks who contribute pics here. Stop being petty. It's getting disgusting the way you are attempting to harass Umar.. Stop it, please!!

    1. Anonymous Commenter31 Jul 2015, 11:14:00

      I will choose to ignore you. The pics in that post were disgusting,not me.
      Its not only me,but 3-4 other ppl as well who commented about Umair's hypocrisy & silly explanation regarding that post.

      I do have a life, think you should get a life, since you are forcefully trying to change my opinion.
      Its silly that how you are claiming what I think. You should apply logic before commenting & stop interfering in others's matters.
      Lastly, I will ignore you since I was not talking to you,so stop being a Judge.

    2. Stop your hate comments. if you dont like posts you can unlike it, you are not representative of 3-4 other ppl who dont like posts. at the same time remember that all his posts are getting many likings too. not everyones taste and choices are same, you understand and respect that, and stop preaching umar what to do. Better you start your own blog and post pics with your likings of dick and dick faces.

    3. Anonymous Commenter3 Aug 2015, 10:21:00

      Again your comment doesn't have any logic. Stop being shameless.You are ignored.
      Don't be so scared & insecure.This blog already has tons of dick pics including this post,so you stupid logic fails.
      I am not afraid to give my opinion & I will continue to speak up against hypocrisy & admin's stupidity.

  3. great body and of course huge package thank you for sharing : )

  4. dear umar thanks for brightening our hearts with this hottie....i have fallen for him like anything...if he is available for escort please share details, i am mad for him....please please